Dropsolid is fully aware of the huge demand of Drupal these days. We know that it is, undoubtedly, powerful and flexible software with many features that are just ideal for your business websites. We believe in helping you and your business using this great CMS software that carries lucrative potential and a promising future ahead for its users. We let you learn why a great number of large organizations look for Drupal professionals or Drupal solutions and how this demand confirms the extraordinary rise for Drupal jobs in marketplace at present.

Our goals

Dropsolid NV has got the ambition to become a solid web solution provider with a clear focus on Drupal expertise. We believe strongly that with the background and experience of the founders we can constitute such a company and become a well-established player on the market. For ourselves we have defined the blueprint of how we believe the web solution company of the future should look like. Our company will be based on open source technologies, standardization, automation, integration, and off course an energetic and robust team. To achieve this, we have identified four business units in which we will take advantage of huge opportunities now present in the web industry.

Three business units

Dropsolid Academy

We’ve started our training unit called Dropsolid Academy, where we will train high quality Drupal developers the market is currently unable to find. We will intensively train both our own developers, who will become reliable consultants for our clients, and external Drupal developers that want to broaden their knowledge. Our 32-day training program will be broader and deeper than anything on the market. Our target audience will be every developer and company in need of Drupal knowledge to be able to take advantage of the growing Drupal demand.

Get your developers trained

Dropsolid Solutions

The second business unit in our company is the Dropsolid Solutions unit. Based on the extensive knowledge and skills of the founders and our well-trained Drupal developers, we will be able to provide high-end solutions for enterprises and build an internal team of experts engineering solutions that meet the market demands. Our solutions will be a technical and functional answer to the growing business requirements for online solutions. We strive to create added value and providing reduced costs for our clients. The required development to realize these solutions will be performed in a highly standardised and automated way. This will increase quality and reduce maintenance cost.

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Dropsolid Consultancy

With our outsourcing unit Dropsolid Consultancy we rent out our Drupal developers providing value for our clients. Unlike most of our competitors, our consultants will have received a high degree of training. We will be able to provide an answer to the 200 Drupal job vacancies currently open in Belgium.

Expand your Drupal team

Our company vision

Our vision of integrating these three business units is to offer a complete web solution package to enterprise clients. We believe that these pillars will form an efficient combination ensuring not only taking advantage of today’s opportunities but also of tomorrows. It will lay out the foundation of a scalable and flexible business being able to take advantage of huge opportunities present in the web solution industry. Our mission: “Creating flexible and easily manageable web content management platforms based on Drupal technology with a focus on maximum automation and standardization. We will provide our clients with comprehensive web solutions and services that will reduce maintenance cost and will create added value to their business. Our company will be driven by passionate people carrying out our mission to deliver high-level solutions and services.”