Building a full-flavored event site in 5 minutes

Or a few minutes more. We are pleased to announce the new CultureFeed 3.x, a module suite to build an event site based on events gathered in an external backoffice "outdatabase" (UiTdatabank). Use our framework to build a very simple event site or a very complex site, like CultureFeed 3.x contains:

- a connector to our event API (with the new SOLR API)
- a connector to our social API (like, reviews, attend, ...)
- integration with oAuth service provider UiTiD "outid"
- different UI options
- SEO optimalisations
- views integration
- a devel module
- option to create, update and delete events
- option to integrate an RFID loyalty program (in development)

En plus, to make life easy on you we developed a Drupal profile, CultureFeed kickstart, which sets up a site with basic functions in 5 minutes, check out

In this session Sven Houtmeyers (CultuurNet) focusses on all the features, while Kristof Coomans (kaƱooh) will dive into the technical aspects, why we use Symphony, Guzzle and Composer, why we build PHP libraries, and how we interface with the SOLR API. The session will be ended with a demo of the CultureFeed Kickstart Drupal profile.


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Date and time: 
Sunday, 15 September, 2013 - 16:30 to 17:30
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Business & Strategy
Code & Development
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