Deployments & git work flow

How/why to manage X drupal projects/deployments to multiple environments in a manageable/sustainable way (from a drupal/technical point of view).

Want to improve your Work flow / Deployment

How it works in reality.
-> Webserver setup
-> git repo (ssh keys)
-> branches (organisation)
-> Jenkins job setup.

Don't miss it if: 

  • You do manual actions to deploy code (and want to stop doing that).
  • You like to know what a good code flow is and why/how to do that.

Don't show up for

  • Lots of Drupal code (will handle some settings stuff and a module or two, but not too much)
  • Features (this is not a requirement for this session, will cover briefly though)
  • Git commands (knowing what a branch is is usefull though)
  • Jenkins/Apache/ installation (apt-get jenkins apache2 ...)

Doing configuration management in code is good, there's a session about that.

Schedule info
Date and time: 
Saturday, 14 September, 2013 - 14:00 to 15:00
Session Track: 
Business & Strategy
Code & Development
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