Evangelising Drupal in a foreign lands - The story of DrupalCamps in Middle Earth

When I started my Drupal journey in 2011 having exited my previous venture I was a newbie who fell for Drupal head over heels! and soon became an evangalist of the craziest order.

It was the community at meet-ups, Camps and Cons that had me smitten. It was the lack of it in Middle Earth that had me annoyed, curious and obsessed on changing it!

Last year at DrupalCon Munich I engaged with the global community for solutions to the aloofness of the Drupal Community in Middle Earth! with ideas, support and engagement of the community since Munich my team and I have organised four camps in two countries in Middle Earth!

With two successful camps under my belt and another two camps scheduled in Middle Earth - in Karachi and in Dubai.. I would like to share the journey so far...  two years of obsessiveness, relentless badgering, can-do attitude of a few community members in MIddle Earth and the there to help attitude of the Drupal Community in the UK, Belgium, Finland, Australia and the US!

It is the community that made it possible, as an eye opener for those considering starting Camps in their own cities/regions and for all others on what reaching out to the community can achieve... its a global tale with local heros!

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Saturday, 14 September, 2013 - 15:30 to 16:30
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Business & Strategy
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