MediaMosa, the Drupal Digital Asset Management System

MediaMosa is a full-fledged Digital Asset Management and Delivery System built with Drupal. As the technology behind the Acquia Media Drive, NBC Sports websites, lecturing systems at universities across Europe, and numerous document management systems, its role as an Open Source alternative to closed Digital Asset Management systems is continually increasing.

MediaMosa solves the Media Management problem for Drupal websites. It deals with things like

  • media and metadata storage and retrieval,

  • indexing of metadata and applying full-text search,

  • transforming media from one format to another, e.g. the transcoding of video to mobile-friendly formats,

  • delivery of (streaming) media to large audiences,

  • handling of media workflows,

  • sharing of media amongst multiple sites & users.

MediaMosa exclusively uses open protocols and open standards to achieve its goals.

This session explains the MediaMosa system, and shows a number of its functional areas and use cases. It informs you on how to get started developing websites with MediaMosa, and how to get involved with the community. Special attention is given to efforts needed regarding the port of MediaMosa from Drupal 7 to 8.

The independent MediaMosa Foundation works to guarantee the future of MediaMosa, to represent the interests of users, to promote the use of MediaMosa software, and to develop the software further.

Michel van de Ven was involved as Software Architect in the creation of MediaMosa in 2007. Today he works at Inuits as Open Source / MediaMosa Consultant, and is a board member of the MediaMosa Foundation.


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Sunday, 15 September, 2013 - 14:00 to 15:00
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Business & Strategy
Code & Development
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