Using Co-creation to Make Design Solutions that Work

As UX designers, simply crafting a beautiful solution and presenting it well is not enough. Getting it accepted by and sold to a client is the true challenge! The best way to do this is involving your client directly in the design process and having him co-create the solution.

This involvement should not be limited to a brainstorm with post-its early in the project or a co-design session at some later stage. True co-creation means involving the client from start to finish and allowing him to participate in the creation process during almost all phases. This includes activities that are typically considered to be the exclusive field of UX designers, like writing scenarios or prototyping a user interface.

In this talk, I will show you examples of co-creation techniques we have been using successfully in workshops recently (some of which we have developed ourselves):

  • Framing game: frame the problem and set the boundaries by building together a context map, using facet cards.
  • Collaborative mind mapping: discuss in group and order information/ideas in a joint mind mapping session.
  • Storytelling: jointly build up stories that lead to a common understanding of how a product will be used in the future.
  • Ideation: generate innovative ideas using the Lotus Blossom technique and a card set of human drives.
  • Service design: map the customer journey (touch points) and visualize this journey into story boards.

I will explain at what point in the process these techniques are useful and how you can apply them successfully in your projects.

You will also discover how this approach of co-creation changes your role as a UX designer. You need a new set of skills, like workshop facilitation, knowledge about group dynamics, openness to criticism and the ability to translate clients’ ideas immediately into workable solutions.

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Sunday, 15 September, 2013 - 16:30 to 17:30
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Business & Strategy
Frontend & Design
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