Walkthrough madness: an introduction to all the amazing things you can do with a WalkHub

Imagine you could send your users a hyperlink that starts up a step by step walkthrough tutorial for pretty much any process they want to do on your site. Imagine you could embed those links into your documentation or even in a special contextual help block you display on your site. Imagine further that you can record how a feature works that you have just developed, or that your customer could send you a link to a walkthrough that reproduces a bug they've found.

That is exactly what you can do with the WalkHub Drupal module.

Writing documentation is probably one of the least favorite things developers do, but If you don't do it, you end up spending your time giving support on ridiculously simple issues instead. When we do documentation most of us spend hours and hours pasting screenshots into Google docs, then the theme or pictures change...

With Walkthrough.it you can add a documentation layer on top of your website. You can play tutorials that guide people through your site, step by step. It's like a GPS for your website. And the best part is: you can use community tutorials and easily share and collaborate on common scenarios.

In this session you will learn how you can record Walkthrough tutorials using Selenium IDE, an open source plugin for Firefox. How you can then edit them, share them and incorporate them into your website. I will also show how you can use Walkthroughs to create fairly complex scripts for repetitive tasks.

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Sunday, 15 September, 2013 - 10:00 to 11:00
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Business & Strategy
Frontend & Design
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