Working with offshore developers

At Dropsolid we have a lot of experience managing offshore development teams. We would like to share the knowledge we gained about this topic.


Learn how a long talk at drupalcon Munich with Kubair Shiradzee from Ikonami ended up in a long distance and long term relation with drupal developers in Pakistan and how we played a role in developing the drupal community in Pakistan.


Using offshore developers can help you scale your business when your own resources are all booked.

As a startup hiring full time resources is difficult, offshore developers can help you deliver your projects on time.

What will you learn?

Choosing your team: Choosing your team members is essential. It all depends on what your level of involvement in the project will be.

Managing your team: Learn how to communicate efficiently about your expectations.

Managing your project: Create a confortable situation where you are in control of the project.

Tools: How to use the correct to tools to communicate and follow up on development and project management.

Development and Infrastructure: Learn how a great infrastructure and code driven development can result in less communication and more control.

Schedule info
Date and time: 
Sunday, 15 September, 2013 - 13:00 to 14:00
Session Track: 
Business & Strategy
Code & Development
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